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PVC or Composite Decking?

On Jan 14, 2020

Everyday we have customers ask us whether they should install Azek or Trex. Now when we hear this, we already know this is not a question of brand but of material. So the back story is that Azek is well known for their vast collection of PVC decking and Trex is known for their roots in composite decking.

Let's get familiar with the technical difference of the material makeup of each. The PVC decking is 100% artificial, completely plastic, inside and out. The composite is a combination of plastic and wood fillers, typically with a plastic shell if it is on the higher end. So how does this affect the customer's deck experience? Our staff will advise you that any differences are small. The PVC is going to be a little cooler to the touch on a hot day due to it being lightweight which is another bonus on it's own when hauling it to the work site. The composite will typically be less expensive which is why it is slightly more popular.

At the end of the day only you the customer knows what you need in your decking and it is always best to read up on which features each brand offers and pick the one that best benefits you.

James Irwin

By James Irwin

General Manager